Reopening Roadmap for Auto Shows
With so many challenges facing Auto Shows this year, the 2020 ASNA Show Reopening Task Force has compiled this information to help shows address considerations with venues, OEMs and vendors about reopening. This is a working document, subject to updates and changes as they become necessary. Please check back here for the latest version.


Auto shows ready to get back into action
Thank you for “COVID-19 diary: OK, we still need kick-the-tires auto shows” (Laurence Iliff, April 20). The Auto Shows of North America could not agree more. No platform is better equipped than auto shows for connecting customers with the best that auto manufacturers have to offer. For over 100 years, auto shows in North America have helped enhance automotive sales and increase brand loyalty, even as wars, pandemics and economic recessions have plagued our country. Indeed, as the coronavirus crisis subsides, auto shows will be front and center leading the recovery — and we want to help. We have proven time and again that auto shows are vital to the success of the automotive industry, and we stand ready to make sure that dealers, communities, consumers and OEMs not just recover, but come back stronger than ever.
Source: Automotive News – Apr 20, 2020

Honda embraces spotlight as rivals back away from auto shows
Honda and its luxury marque, Acura, are not pulling back from auto shows like some brands that are experimenting with alternative events that can generate a bigger media bang for their buck. American Honda wants the press coverage, like everybody else, but its real purpose with the convention halls is creating a flagship showroom to sell cars.
Source: Automotive News – Dec 9, 2019

Toyota, Lexus adjust auto show strategy to aim at consumer
Toyota and Lexus will remain active in auto shows around the U.S. but aim their displays and their spending more directly at consumers and less at the media, brand leaders told Automotive News on Thursday. “We are making adjustments,” said Bob Carter, head of sales for Toyota Motor North America. “Auto shows are still a critical part of the business, and they’re critical from a consumer perspective. Most buyers — 35 percent of the people who are going to buy a car in the next 12 months — stop by an auto show. It’s a very important place to communicate.”
Source: Automotive News – Dec 5, 2019


Auto Shows: Worth the Price of Admission for every OEM